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After years of requests for automotive detailing, Mikel, and Kelly have opened a second location specializing in just that. Avalon Auto Detailing is driven with the same pride & workmanship that has been instilled in the staff at Avalon Auto Service.

Every vehicle that is detailed will go through an inspection, based on years of experience ensuring that it meets Avalon Auto’s standards.

Did you know that the average Canadian drives over 20,000km per year which adds up to almost 400 hours in their car each year? Why not make that time as comfortable and clean as you can. From a basic wash and vacuum to a complete car interior & exterior cleaning, Avalon Auto Detailing will get your Vehicle smelling and looking new again.

If you are a long time or new customer to Avalon Auto your experience here should always be a good one. Here at Avalon Auto you can be confident in knowing that we always take good care of our customers and their vehicles.

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2601 Broadway Ave
Saskatoon, SK